Betting on cricket has seen a new day with technological advancement. People can bet from anywhere nowadays as long as they have their smartphone and internet connection. Thus, this led to a rise in people betting on this sport, especially in India where people love this game the most.

With the rise in demand for betting, numerous platforms have emerged where people can create an ID and start placing their bets to win massively. However, with so many choices available people often wonder which site would be an ideal option for their wagering purposes. Hence, below are mentioned the best platforms to get your cricket betting ID easily and more.

Online cricket betting ID in India


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Best platforms for acquiring online cricket betting ID in India

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous choices available for getting an ID. However, there are some, which are considered the best by experts due to several factors; these factors include payout system, user-friendly interface, quick wagering, etc. Thus, these sites comprise:

  • Dreamplay1

This is one of the best platforms currently that people can use for betting on different cricket matches. It covers matches globally and offers a chance for people to win big extensively. Most people opt for this site to get their IDs because it offers ample perks. These include signing bonuses, referral bonuses, competitive odds, complete coverage of cricket matches to let people wager whenever there is a match going on globally, etc.

Also, its user-friendly interface aids non-tech-savvy users to easily navigate and bet on matches. Moreover, it allows users to enjoy cricket matches’ live streaming and make decisions based on what is happening in a match in real-time.

Online cricket betting ID in India


Furthermore, the reason for its popularity is that users can bet on a plethora of sports other than cricket on this platform. In addition, if an individual wants, he/she can choose to play various online casino games too.

Dreamplay1 is a one-stop solution to all of your online betting problems. It is reliable, trustworthy, and secure to make it an excellent platform to bet on. Also, its registration process and activating ID is quite simple. All a person needs is to simply follow what is shown on the screen step by step after applying for registration.

Thus, in short, choosing this platform will help you have the greatest cricket betting ID you can think of. However, there are a few more you can choose to check out are given below.

cricket betting id


  • Bet365

Another well-known platform for online cricket betting id in India is Bet365. It is a reputable platform that allows people to wager on various matches. Also, it has a few features that make it an ideal option. However, there is one thing that makes Dreamplay1 better than this, is the coverage of cricket tournaments. This site covers cricket tournaments extensively but not as much as the above option. With certain features of this site, people will have an overall great betting experience.

  • Betfair

This is considered to be one of the largest online wagering platforms. It hosts several sports apart from cricket. One of its key features is that it allows people to bet against one another in the market. It is a great option for people looking to bet on various sports; however, people looking to bet on Cricket only, prefer specialized platforms like Dreamplay1.

  • 1xBet

Like the other mentioned platforms, this covers domestic and international cricket matches for bettors to wager. It is user-friendly and offers several perks such as referral programs, attractive bonuses, etc. Its mobile betting application is highly notable due to its easy access and quick betting options.


How to get an online cricket betting ID in India?

The process of getting an ID for betting on cricket is quite easy. All you need to do is visit your chosen platform such as Dreamplay1 and follow certain steps. These steps would include things like:

Fill out the personal details form that appears on the screen after clicking on register. These details would involve name, email ID, phone number (optional), bank details (for depositing and withdrawal), etc.

Once a profile is set, people will be required to deposit the minimum amount that is required for betting. These easy steps will aid in creating a cricketbetting ID which a user can utilize for wagering on different matches.

online id cricket betting


The aforementioned websites are the best platforms available for people to use for betting on cricket matches from the comfort of their homes. These sites are reputed globally and thus, are trusted by users. These sites will offer insight into cricket matches and help you to bet for winning big.

A range of options are available for people to bet on using these platforms; therefore, create your cricket betting ID today and start your journey in the world of cricket betting today to win huge payouts!

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