Terms and Conditions


The Company strictly implements the policy of “One Account” for each customer and uses a series of security measures to ensure the implementation of the policy. This bonus offer may be declined in our sole discretion for the following reasons to prevent exploitation of the offer:

Have a common IP address, bank account, or accounts belonging to the same household and/or linked to the same contact or identifying information (such as email address, phone number, credit/debit card number, or other payment information);
Violation of our bonus terms and conditions.

1. User statement and commitment: The information filled in when registering a DP1 account, including the user’s real Name, email address, Facebook, Whatsapp, Phone number, IP, etc., is true, accurate, and complete. Once registered, it cannot be changed except for special reasons.

2. To change the Bank Card, Whatsapp, Email address, and Name, you must provide personal details, which can only be changed after the valid verification.

3. Each DP1 member can only have one VIP account. If a player is detected to have multiple accounts and applies to join, DP1 has the right to cancel their VIP level, and they are not allowed to participate in and receive any VIP benefits and bonuses.

4. The holder can only use all accounts, and the user is responsible for ensuring the user’s account and password’s privacy and security. If the game causes the loss of the user account, all losses and responsibilities shall be borne by the user.

5. If the member’s wallet balance is wrong, the member must notify DP1 to adjust the account, and the wrong amount cannot be used. In any event, the relevant wrong amount will be considered invalid. If the user uses this amount to place bets, all bets will be deemed invalid, and all profits will be deducted and returned to DP1.

6. In order to ensure the security of member information, DP1 will strictly keep and review and change the detailed information of customers and will not disclose any personal information. Check our FAQs page for more questions about your game account.


1. Each successful deposit can only choose to apply for one deposit event that meets the terms of the event; members participating in the event must abide by all rules of DP1, including the relevant rules and terms listed on the website.

2. Users involving individuals or groups use improper means to defraud or obtain relevant preferential bonuses to ensure they can benefit from it regardless of the game’s result. DP1 has the right to stop, cancel this promotion or refund all bonuses paid to teams or individuals without notifying users. In severe cases, the relevant account will be frozen or closed, and the money will not be refunded. The user will be blocked, and DP1 will reserve its right to pursue it.

3. When using registration bonuses or promotional activities to withdraw cash, DP1 has the right to require members to keep their registration phones open, and customer service will contact the registration phone within 24 hours to ensure that users have the right to participate in the promotion bonus issued by the official website. If the connection fails within the time limit, it will be deemed that the player has voluntarily given up the registration reward or other promotion rewards.

4. The promotional bonus can only be claimed once per player, per address, per email address, per phone number, same payment method (same debit/credit card/bank account), and IP.

5. All DP1 promotions are only allowed for casual players who participate in the game. If a member is found to be a professional gambler or a player who only seeks bonuses, DP1 reserves the right to cancel the player’s bonus. It has the right to freeze all related accounts and funds without prior notice.


Slot Games

  • If a non-depositing member wins the cumulative prize pool before making a deposit, the winning prize pool will be deemed as an invalid bonus (including members who get free bets); the cumulative prize pool winning amount is subject to the platform fee (40% of the platform fee).
  • Free spins and void slot games are not counted towards the valid rollover.

Sports events

  • Any illegal bets such as unilateral, bilateral betting, European odds below 1.2, and Asian odds below 0.2 are considered invalid and will not be included in the effective betting amount. (If the circumstances are serious, all amounts in the account will be deducted.)
  • The winning or losing results of sports events are subject to the final settlement results of our Company, without reference to other media data
  • “Exchange” Simultaneously betting on the “back” or “lay” of two teams, betting amount × odds, no matter which team wins, the profit will be greater than the betting amount of the other team, which is a violation

Live game 

  • Any bet with the same betting and profit amount will not be considered a valid betting amount (for example, if you bet on several results in one round of roulette, the betting amount is 1,000 rupees, and the profit at the end of the game is 1,000 rupees.)
  • Illegal betting behaviors such as double betting, multiple betting (according to department regulations), one bet all-in, serious double betting, and one-sided betting more than five times are not accepted, and the betting amount and profit will be deducted or confiscated. Roulette, Sic Bo, and other games with more than 25 results: no more than 17 consecutive bets, and the method of betting a dozen simultaneously is also counted.

Aviator game

  • Cancellation after any betting, withdrawal, network fluctuations, cancellation of bets, refund of principal, not counting valid bets.

Any illegal betting includes but is not limited to the following behaviors: betting, single betting, double betting, one betting, multiple accounts, software betting, risk-free betting, etc. According to violations, our Company can give warnings, deduct illegal profits and principals, freeze accounts, etc.

Exchange – It is forbidden to bet on two teams, “Back or Lay,” simultaneously. Any violation detected by the system will automatically deduct the player’s profits. DP1 has the full right to interpret the game behavior.

Cockfighting game – any reference bet or simultaneous betting on “MERON and WALA” in one game, single side, double bet, bet all, our Company has the right to give warnings, deduct illegal profits and principals, and freeze accounts according to violations Wait.

On-site games – any roulette or a game where multiple results or even all bets are bet in one game. Players bet with the same profit or risk-free bets. Our Company can give warnings and deduct illegal profits and costs according to violations—funds, frozen accounts, etc.

Members who have yet to deposit any money in DP1 cannot withdraw cash, nor can they participate in activities. If the relevant account is suspected of being misused or ineligible for promotion, DP1 reserves the right to require members to submit relevant supporting documents to verify their identity.

It is strictly forbidden to open multiple game windows simultaneously for betting. Otherwise, it will not be considered a valid bet. If the circumstances are serious, all profit and bonus amounts will be deducted, and the resulting negative profit will not be refunded.

DP1 has the right to unilaterally and strictly monitor the behavior of members. Suppose any member is found to be violating, cheating, or using the rules and terms to make illegal profits. In that case, DP1 reserves the right to terminate the member’s login, suspend the member’s use of this website and deduct the bonuses and profits without prior notice.

Our Company determines DP1’s right to judge and punish any illegal arbitrage behavior and has the final decision right and final interpretation right.