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DP1 Internet Entertainment Customer Care Department

DP1’s online entertainment platform established a department dedicated to customer support. The customer care department is an online assistance center available around the clock.

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If you experience any difficulties while participating in DP1’s online entertainment, you can contact the customer support agent for assistance by using any of the following methods. You will receive enthusiastic service from trained customer support specialists available around the clock.

*Reminder: the contact information below is the designated service channel for DP1 online entertainment. Please do not believe any of the contents of any message you find illegitimate, falsified, or otherwise unverified.

Instead, contact our customer care representative as soon as possible so they can check on the problem or report it. According to this declaration, the company will not be responsible for the customer’s losses in any way, shape, or form if the incorrect service is provided. I am grateful to have your support and your comprehension.

Live chat includes the following:

1. The authorized support for customers available online