The craze of cricket in India is nothing new and every Indian knows it. The amount of people who enjoy cricket in this country is massive, which has made this game the most popular sport here. With the rise of cricket fans and technology in this country, the number of people betting on a cricket game has risen.


Having enough knowledge about this game has led people to bet on this sport quite easily and win big. With numerous things to bet on and different platforms to use, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people who bet massively. However, still, some people aren’t knowledgeable enough about online cricket betting. Hence, this simplified guide will help you become a master in it.


Cricket betting categories

One of the first things an individual should know is the different types of cricket bets an individual can opt for. These include:

  • Pre-match: One of the bets that has the highest odds is the pre-match bet where people place bets before a game starts.
  • Single: This is where a person can bet on a single outcome such as whether the next ball will be a six or an out.
  • Players: In this people bet on things like which player will take the most wickets or score the most runs, etc.
  • Teams: This is where an individual will bet on an outcome that is related to a certain team. For example, which team will win in a match, score most, etc.
  • Parlay/Accumulator: In this, people will have to pick several outcomes and have to be correct for all to win.
  • In-play: This refers to live wagers, where people make bets during an ongoing match.

These are the most common types of bets that people can opt for this sport. As long as people have online id cricket betting, they can wager on any game of cricket they want.


Cricket betting odds

Every sport comes with different betting odds and cricket is no different. These odds are the assessment or prediction of a bookmaker about the result of a match. Choosing to opt for short odds will lead to an individual winning lesser money if he/she wins that wager. Shorter odds are where bookies are more confident about what might occur.

For instance, a person expects a certain team to win a match and bets on it and the odds provided are 2.0; if this person wins this bet, then he will win double. So, if he bets ₹1000, then he wins ₹2000. However, if this person played long odds instead of short, then his odds would have been 4.0; it means, that when his team wins, he would win ₹4000 for the same ₹1000 through online cricket betting.

The things to know from odds are what the outcome of a bet might be according to a bookie as well as how much you can win if you bet a certain amount. Longer odds show how less likely a result can happen according to a bookie. Thus, long odds offer larger returns if they occur.


Some common terms in cricket betting

There are numerous things to bet on and above are mentioned some of the categories under which most bets fall. Some of the standard online cricket options that fall under above stated categories consist of:

  • Handicap

This is where a team or a player is put at a disadvantage for making a contest even in the eyes of a bookmaker. It means a person will win a bet when certain aspects are completed. For instance, a person bets on India to win with more than 30 runs; it means that individual will win his bet if India wins that match by 30 runs or more. If India wins it by runs lesser than 30 then that person would have lost his bet.

  • Outright winner

This is where an individual will pick a team to win before a match begins through his online ID cricket betting. This outright bet can be for a match, tournament, or even a toss.

  • Top batsman and bowler

This is one of the most common bets that people choose to play. In this, people choose who will be the best bowler to take maximum wickets. Also, people can choose who will score the most as a batsman. This bet can be placed for a match as well as for an entire tournament.

  • Man of the match

This is where a person bets on who will be the best player of a match and win the man-of-the-match trophy.


These are some of the most essential cricket betting factors to know about. When betting knowing about these things will aid in understanding the online cricket betting scene and wager on matches accordingly. So, keep these in mind and start betting on cricket matches using your online betting ID.

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