Privacy & Policy

1. Basic guidelines
DP1 online entertainment abides by the relevant laws and decrees on the protection of personal privacy, as well as the EU OECD guidelines, and publishes the following privacy protection regulations, which apply to online game real money customers to ensure that customer privacy is protected.

2. Data collection
In order to facilitate management and business promotion, we will strictly abide by the privacy protection regulations and collect relevant data and information on the DP1 online entertainment website.

3. Personal information
DP1 online entertainment will handle all your information correctly with the corresponding third party. All your information will be jointly used by DP1 Online Entertainment and the designated third party (affiliated game provider) under strict confidentiality measures and subject to privacy protection regulations. We have the right to use relevant information to provide customers with more support and services and to promote activities. At the same time, the corresponding data will also be provided to third parties as screening reference information. At the same time, you can choose not to receive any event information when you register or contact a customer service representative to change your choice at any time.
4. Awarded
DP1 online entertainment has the right to publish information on promotional activities with a bonus of more than US$80 on relevant websites, which may include hidden abbreviations of information such as country, region, address, name, and bonus amount.

5. Security
DP1 online entertainment will continue improving and upgrading encryption and firewall technology to protect your information from leakage and illegal use. If you have any questions or appeals about security and privacy, please contact customer service representatives for effective help.

6. Cookies
DP1 online entertainment real money customers must know that the promotion agent system is generated based on cookie record collection. Rejecting cookies when using your browser may affect your inability to accept particular preferential policies and other information.

7. Data clear
Information related to online gambling sites should be regularly cleaned or deleted.

8. Data update
DP1 online entertainment accepts your corresponding registration information upgrade request through registration email at any time and updates and deletes according to your wishes and information authenticity. DP1 Online Entertainment reserves the right to update and adjust this privacy policy.

9. Contact
If you have any questions about this regulation, please contact the online customer service representative or get the most authentic and accurate email address from the customer service representative for a consultation.

DP1 online gambling responsibility statement

DP1 online entertainment hopes that all customers will participate in consumption games rationally and enjoy gambling games. Gambling is entertainment and should not be a burden, emotional support, or source of income for you. It is unwise to gamble beyond your means or by taking out a loan, which can cause harm to yourself and those around you. We want you to enjoy responsible betting with all your bets at DP1 online entertainment.

* Statement: all customer service and risk control staff of DP1 Online Entertainment have received training on the game responsibility statement. According to the corresponding situation, DP1 Online Entertainment can close the account without notice!

1. Gaming management
Overspent budget for gambling is a common problem for gamblers. DP1 online entertainment strongly and sincerely recommends planning your gaming consumption budget!

2. Voluntary resolution
DP1 online entertainment is willing and unconditionally accepting your willingness to close your account permanently. Please contact a customer service representative to handle it if you are willing.

3. Underage gambling
DP1 online entertainment does not accept any consumption from customers under the legal gaming age but participates in gambling activities in the legal jurisdiction! DP1 Online Entertainment has the right to close the accounts of minors without notice. If you have already registered an account and are a minor, please contact the customer service representative to close the account for you to avoid any loss

4. Guardianship
DP1 online entertainment recommends installing a legal Internet filtering device on your computer to protect your account from being used by minors.