Online lottery in India is getting popular day by day. There are multiple types of lotteries available in the market that can offer you lucrative prize money. However, for online lottery games, people often think whether they are real or fake. This blog will talk about everything regarding online lottery games in light of the Meghalaya State Lottery. Let’s jump into the discussion.


What are Online Lottery Games in India?

Online lottery games in India are immensely popular among common people and these are a great way of passive income. The government strictly monitors everything related to these games and online lottery websites adhere to the rules. The implementation of electronic media in lottery games has changed the landscape and made it more convenient.

  • Online Lottery Game Types:

State Lotteries: Several Indian states, including Kerala, Sikkim, and Meghalaya, hold their own lotteries. These lotteries have a variety of games, prize systems, and draw times.

International Lotteries: Through online lottery platforms, Indian players can also participate in international lotteries such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. These lotteries have huge jackpots and a global playing base.

  • Participation Process

Individuals must register on authorized websites or platforms to engage in online lottery games in India. Players can buy tickets for their favorite games and choose numbers manually or using quick-pick options. The results of the draw are usually posted on the website, and winners are notified in various ways.

  • Legalities of Lotteries

Indian Government as per its 1998 Act governs every type of lottery game held in this country. However, the legality of online lottery games in India differs by state. While some states permit these games, others prohibit them or have strict rules limiting their operation. Before joining, players should check the legality of online lotteries in their particular jurisdictions.

As per the 2019 update, only 13 states allow the playing of lottery games and these are:

  1. Kerala
  2. Goa
  3. West Bengal
  4. Assam
  5. Madhya Pradesh
  6. Maharashtra
  7. Punjab
  8. Arunachal Pradesh
  9. Sikkim
  10. Nagaland
  11. Manipur
  12. Meghalaya

In this blog post, you will mainly learn about the Meghalaya State Lottery. The following sections will cover the brief overview, features, participation details, etc.


Meghalaya Online Lottery: An Overview

Meghalaya, famed for its beautiful surroundings, also has an online lottery system that attracts both locals and aficionados from all across the country. The Meghalaya State Lottery system started in 1982 provides a variety of games that provide thrilling chances to win prizes of varied sizes.

The lotteries are classified as follows:

  • Teer Lottery:

Teer is one of Meghalaya’s most popular lotteries. It entails wagering on the number of arrows fired in an archery game. Players place bets on numbers, and if their predictions are correct, they win large sums of money.

  • Meghalaya State Lottery:

This includes draws like Shillong Morning, Shillong Evening, and other schemes with varying prize structures.

How to Buy Meghalaya State Online Lottery?

There are multiple online lottery websites to buy tickets where you can reach and choose tickets as per your budget. These sites are:

  • Lotto Smile India: You can get up to a 25% deposit bonus with your first sign-up.
  • Lottoland: Buy one and get one free offer is the most popular on this site
  • Lottoagent: It will also offer you a buy one get one offer
  • The Lotter: Flat 25% off on every type of Meghalaya state online lottery

Steps to buy an online lottery ticket in Meghalaya are:

  • Step 1: Choose your preferred site
  • Step 2: Go for account opening
  • Step 3: Deposit money using popular Indian payment methods
  • Step 4: Choose your lottery
  • Step 5: Play the game and wait for the result


Legalities and Regulations in Meghalaya State Online Lottery

Like other states that have not banned lotteries, Meghalaya also monitors the lottery system with the help of the government. Also, this lottery system significantly contributes to the state’s economy and development. Moreover, it is a safe and people-friendly way of testing luck.

How to Choose the Best Online Lottery Games?

The best way of choosing an online lottery game is to understand the probability and fairness. However, the Meghalaya government provides a fair scenario in this context so everyone can test their luck and gain profits.

The main aspect to check in the Meghalaya State Lottery is the jackpot. For example, Meghalaya Future Daily Lottery has a jackpot worth ₹29 lakh. Moreover, you should also choose the online lottery websites carefully and opt for those that provide international lottery gaming opportunities as well.


Hope, you have got a brief idea of the online lottery game scenario in India in the light of the Meghalaya State Lottery. Hence, if you want to get the benefits and profit of lottery games you should definitely visit a site or reach a seller. However, you should also keep in mind that lotteries are completely luck-based so be ready for any result and spend only as much as you can without disrupting your daily expenses.

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